Pug Party (Yes, they really do happen.)

Mario and I took our dog, Tony, to a "Pug Party" Saturday. And, just in case you don't already think we're way too into our dog - Mario was planning to fly to Texas to visit family on Friday (with Tony in tow), but changed their flight to Sunday so that we could attend. It's a good thing our friends Drew and Andy from the Chicago Photography Center sent us an invite. We would have been so sorry to miss all the festivities. They have two Pugs, Rupert and Minni, who have their own Facebook page. As you can see, "Pug People" (I try to avoid the term "Pug Owners," which seems to offend) are devoted. They take this stuff seriously.

From the Facebook event page: P.O.P.! Pugs only PLEASE, you may attend without a PUG! No costume contest, but please feel free to dress those Pugs up! Karaoke rocking the PARTY! Hey, let your Pug sing! Milwaukee Pug Rescue will be on site with merchandise. Come support our fellow Pug Lovers! Hope to see you there! Ben & CurlyJoe

Here's a sampling of the kind of fun you, as a "Non-Pug Person," are surely missing...